Motor Vehicle Servicing | 3 Proactive Ways To Protect Your Car’s Engine For Longer

The engine is the heart of your car's smooth running. A poorly running engine will cause tremendous problems, so you'll naturally want to keep it in the best possible condition. While undertaking motor vehicle servicing is vital, this guide is designed to help you in your quest to protect your car's engine as proactively as possible to help it run for longer.

Change Oil Regularly

Changing your engine oil regularly is one of the most crucial ways to retain its optimum performance. An oil change properly lubricates vital engine parts to prevent it from overheating. While some people may recommend changing your oil every 5000 km or every six months, you will need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations in the owner's manual because most modern car engines will last for longer. Keep in mind that going too long between oil changes will cause permanent engine damage, so follow your manufacturer's recommendations diligently for oil changes.

Make Sure The Cooling System Is Properly Functional

You must also keep the cooling system properly functional to protect the engine of your car. The engine's cooling system includes the water pump, coolant, thermostat and radiator. Each component will need proper assessment during regular motor vehicle servicing, but you can also undertake certain proactive measures on your own. For example, you can protect the engine from overheating by ensuring the correct coolant amount circulates through the engine through self-inspections. To check coolant levels, you simply need to lift the bonnet to check the coolant reservoir located near the radiator. Make sure the coolant level is above the minimum and below the maximum markings.

Check Your Engine Air Filters

Your engine's air filters are vital to its proper breathing, so be sure to pay close attention to them. Apart from fuel, your engine needs air to run properly. This air has to circulate through the engine without any obstructions. Air filters are designed to keep away external debris like leaves, bugs and dirt from getting into your engine and causing major damage. Over time, these air filters will become clogged with debris. You will need to replace them or clean them, depending on how badly damaged they are. When filters stop doing their job efficiently even after cleaning, they starve your engine of its required oxygen. When this happens, it may be time to replace them during motor vehicle servicing.  

Protecting your car's engine is vital to its long shelf life, so make sure you follow these proactive strategies, either on your own or with the help of a motor vehicle servicing company.