3 Modifications That Will Make Your Car Exhaust System Better

The exhaust system on your car is responsible for dispelling combustion gases from the engine. It's, therefore, a critical part of vehicle's performance. As a result, it too can do with a bit of tweaking here and there when it comes to customisation and modifications. Such tweaks end up making the exhaust more functional, more durable or a combination of both. Below, discover a few vehicle modifications that can improve your exhaust system and how they are carried out.

Installing skid plates to protect your vehicle's underbody

Skid plates are tough metal plates installed under the vehicle to protect the underbody from impacts or abrasive damage. As it so happens, when your vehicle hits a pothole, bumps or goes off-road, the exhaust is usually one of the most affected parts. Such damage can dent the exhaust and constrict its pipes. In some cases, an old exhaust can even come apart completely after a hit. Installing a skid plate on your vehicle, therefore, goes a long way in protecting your exhaust system and all its components (including the catalytic converter and muffler system) from damage. This is especially useful if you go off-road driving often or if your vehicle has a lowered body frame.

Exhaust re-fabrication to increase engine performance

As mentioned earlier, the exhaust is directly linked to the engine. What you may not know is that the exhaust system can be modified to improve engine performance. This is achieved by re-fabricating the exhaust pipes in order to allow exhaust gases to exit faster. The faster the exhaust gases can be expelled, the better fresh air can flow into the engine for the proceeding combustion cycles. This fabrication process entails smoothing the exhaust corners to reduce lag, installing catalytic converters and mufflers with fewer flow obstructions, and elongating the exhaust manifold to reduce air backflow.

Installing aftermarket muffler systems to modify exhaust sounds

You can also have the exhaust system modified by installing aftermarket muffler systems to alter the throttle sounds of your car. Some aftermarket mufflers will make your vehicle quieter or even completely silent. Others will do the opposite by adding anything from a little rattling to a complete roar; these are common with racing/sports/performance cars. Note that installing mufflers that generate loud exhaust noises may be illegal in some states.

So if your car exhaust system needs some work, the above modifications are a good way to give it an upgrade. Talk to your auto mechanic to find out if your car qualifies for any of the above modifications.