3 Signs that You Need to Have Your Car Serviced

Servicing your vehicle is crucial because it assures you of safety on the road. It also helps you discover and fix developing mechanical problems before they blow out of proportion and completely ruin your car or cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Unfortunately, a lot of vehicle owners sometimes ignore the service schedule and allow their vehicles to run a hundred more miles before taking it to the auto shop, especially when they are low on cash.

However, it is advisable to look at the signs that your vehicle has mechanical and panelling problems that need servicing. Here are three ways you can tell that your vehicle needs to be serviced. 

Is There Smoke Coming Out of Your Bonnet?

One of the common indicators that a vehicle is in trouble is when smoke starts coming out of the bonnet. Many things can lead to this complication, but most of the times, it is the result of cooling system failure. Other signs that will signal that your cooling system is failing include excessive temperature on the gauge, low levels of coolant and white smoke coming out of the exhaust. Sometimes, you might also have an external coolant leak and low levels of coolant.

The only way to diagnose the exact cause of the white smoke is taking your vehicle for regular servicing. They will check the entire cooling system from the radiator to the coolant and repair the parts with problems. 

Is Your Dashboard Oil Light On?

Oil regulates the moving parts of your engine and reduces friction. It is advisable to check it often to avoid engine problems. When the oiling system fails, the friction can lead to engine overheating and failure.

A common indication that your vehicle needs servicing is when the oil light on the dashboard flickers on. The light could be accompanied by oil leaks, smoke from the engine and the smell of burning oil from the engine. You should follow your vehicle's servicing manual always to check the condition of the engine oil and have it repaired.

Does Your Car Engine Crank Slowly?

One of the main reasons why your car engine might start acting unusual is when your car has a problem with the battery. If the dashboard warning light is on, the radio is not working, and there is an odd sound coming from the battery, then you need to have it checked.

Regular servicing protects your vehicle from mechanical damage. Only a reliable auto mechanic, such as a BMW car mechanic, can help you fix the issues with your vehicle to lengthen your car's life.