Saving Cash on Auto Service Through DIY and Other Strategies

Two Common Faults That Can Stop a Car From Running

Whilst a lot of faults will simply make a vehicle harder to drive, there are certain ones that can stop it from running altogether and leave you in need of help from a vehicle repair specialist. Here are two such faults. A radiator fault that affects its cap Any serious problems with your car's radiator could potentially stop your car from functioning and leave you in need of the assistance of a vehicle repair service. Read More 

The Various Automatic Transmission Problems That May Be Caused by Fluid Leaks

The fluid that flows through automatic transmissions performs two critical functions. First off, it helps to lubricate the various moving parts and components inside of the transmissions. Other than this, it helps to cool the transmission to prevent possible overheating. Although there aren't many ways for the transmission fluid to leak out, automatic fluid leaks aren't an uncommon occurrence. In fact, they are a common cause of many automatic transmission problems. Read More 

Here Are 4 Vital Car Maintenance Checks You Can Perform Yourself

Taking your car to the mechanic shop for routine servicing is vital for keeping the vehicle in good working shape at all times. But you also have a role to play in ensuring your car operates properly in-between visits to the mechanic shop.  Performing your own preventative maintenance checks can go a long way in ensuring early detection of problems that may be too costly to repair if left unattended for a long time. Read More 

3 Likely Causes of Automatic Transmission Slipping

Cars with automatic transmissions are a preferred choice for many new car buyers because they have a simpler design and are much easier to operate when compared to their older manual cousins. These transmissions eliminate the need to shift gears or engage and disengage a clutch – you simply switch gears by pressing the buttons on the gear selector up or down! Like many other components of your car, your transmission requires scheduled servicing to keep working properly. Read More 

How Does Air Get into the Braking System?

Are you worried about the braking performance of your car? The pedal may appear to travel further than normal when you're bringing the vehicle to a halt, or it may feel a little spongy underfoot. While this is something that you should certainly investigate as soon as possible, what could be causing this strange behaviour? The Passage of Time In an ideal world, the brakes fitted to your vehicle would remain sealed and in perfect working order. Read More