Three Reasons to Choose a Diesel Engine Vehicle

There are diverse benefits attached to using a diesel engine compared to alternatives like petrol or gas engines. Basically, the diesel engine is an internal combustion system which uses compressed hot air to initiate automotive ignition. The other types of engines, such as the aforementioned petrol designs, use the spark plug to cause ignition. You can choose diesel engines for most automotives and machinery, including trucks, tractors, generators and excavators. Here are the main reasons why you should purchase diesel-powered vehicles.

Higher Fuel Efficiency

Diesel engines are more energy efficient compared to spark-ignition models with the equivalent power rating. This advantage is mainly attributed to the difference in the combustion processes. In simple terms, diesel engines compress a blend of fuel and air until the mixture combusts. Spark plug engines require external power input to trigger the combustion, which means that the efficiency of the process is lower. In addition, diesel fuel has higher density then petrol so it contains more valuable energy per unit volume. Higher fuel efficiency translates into long-term monetary savings for you.

More Reliable

The diesel engines display extensive reliability, which is important in ensuring convenience. The absence of the electrical ignition module eliminates most start-up problems because they are linked to spark plug damage. Moreover, you will have less engine components to replace, repair and service periodically. Diesel engines are heavily built so the internal components rotate at lower speeds. This reduces the risk of system breakdown and it decelerates the rate of wear. In addition, diesel offers better lubrication than other fuel and it ensures that the pistons and cylinders in the engine do not experience frictional damage. All these combined factors will contribute to a longer lifespan for your vehicle if you choose the diesel engine.

Eco-friendly Choice

Diesel engines contribute to a healthier greener environment in a variety of ways. The lower fuel consumption due to high efficiency means that less carbon dioxide is produced by the vehicle per unit distance. There have been advances in the energy production industry which have caused increased availability of biodiesel. This is an alternative to the fuel derived from petroleum so it lowers the demand on the natural resources which are currently moving towards depletion. Biodiesel is made from natural products such as soy, algae, flowers, corn and methane, which are stable resources. The greenhouse emissions from this alternative fuel are relatively lower than in petrol. Furthermore, biodiesel can be used in most diesel engines without significant structural modification.

For more information about the benefits of a diesel engine, you may want to talk to an auto shop that specializes in working with them, such as Atchison Truck Repairs Pty Ltd.