Why Truck Chassis Repairs & Tests Are So Important

The chassis is a crucial part of a vehicle, especially trucks that have to haul heavy loads every now and then. Despite it being a very resilient and bulky part, the chassis can get damaged after smash accidents, collisions or other impact-related accidents. When this happens, it is important to seek an alignment service before taking the truck back on the road. In fact, it is best to seek a chassis inspection after any truck accident, as you never know the extent of the damage.

This is important because chassis repairs, no matter how small, play a huge role in the functioning of your truck, as explained below.

Proper load seating

The chassis needs to be perfectly flat on the body of the truck. This allows loads to also sit flat on the trucks tray or carriage. If the tray is skewed at all, the load too will be skewed. This is dangerous, as it can easily cause the load to lean to one side while in transit. This can make handling the truck quite difficult, especially when turning. Improper load seating can consequently cause accidents, such as tipping over very easily. That's because the truck's centre of gravity will be incorrect in relation to the truck's position and alignment. This is why truck chassis repairs demand strict attention to detail. Lasers are used to detect even the slightest imperfections, which are then corrected using weights and heavy presses.

Proper truck-to-body alignment

Another reason why truck chassis repairs are so important is because the chassis affects the overall vehicle alignment. If the chassis is bent, the body of the truck will not be properly aligned with its head. This can cause problems such as the truck pulling to one side, thus requiring constant over-steering in the opposite direction. Needless to say, this does not make the driver's work easy. This anomaly can also easily result in accidents such hitting vehicles in the adjacent lanes or going off the road.

Proper chassis-to-tray/body/container attachment

Last but not least, truck chassis repairs are important because they directly influence how the body or the truck's tray/container attaches to the vehicle. If the chassis is not in perfect condition, the attachment points might not align with those of the tray or container at the back. This poses a safety risk because if the cargo is not safely secured, it can come loose while in transit. Note that if this is the case, some connection points might make locking the cargo in place impossible.

Remember, even if all your other truck parts are in superb condition but the chassis needs repairs, your vehicle remains unsafe to drive. The only way to be sure that your truck's chassis is safe is to get a computerized check carried out.

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