The Various Automatic Transmission Problems That May Be Caused by Fluid Leaks

The fluid that flows through automatic transmissions performs two critical functions. First off, it helps to lubricate the various moving parts and components inside of the transmissions. Other than this, it helps to cool the transmission to prevent possible overheating. Although there aren't many ways for the transmission fluid to leak out, automatic fluid leaks aren't an uncommon occurrence. In fact, they are a common cause of many automatic transmission problems. 

If you experience the following problems with your automatic transmission, it is likely that you need transmission fluid leak repair. 


Your automatic transmission is designed to remain in a designated gear until you select a new gear. If yours spontaneously switches to a different gear when your car is on the road, this is a sign that your transmission fluid level could be low. If it is not yet time to replace your transmission fluid or you recently topped it up, then it is likely that you have a fluid leak. 


When your transmission and other components of your vehicle are working properly, there shouldn't be much of a jerk when you're changing gears. Transmission jerking or shaking are a tell-tale sign that your automatic transmission may be running low on fluid. You'll need to inspect your car to determine if fluid leaks are responsible for your transmission troubles. 

Hard Shifting 

Does your transmission switch too quickly into a new gear? This problem is called hard shifting and is often caused by a low fluid level. Before replacing or topping up your transmission fluid, make sure there are no leaks in your transmission.


If you notice that your transmission is running too hot, it is likely that you have a fluid-related issue. If the transmission fluid has leaked out, there won't be enough fluid to lubricate the various moving components inside the transmission. This can lead to transmission overheating.

Complete Breakdown

As the transmission of your car is fluid-driven, it may break down completely if the transmission fluid leaks out. Inspecting your transmission for fluid leaks is a great way to start troubleshooting for problems.

To prevent damage to your automatic transmission and keep it running at its best, it is important to maintain the correct transmission fluid level. Fluid leaks in automatic transmissions cause problems because they result in a low fluid level. If you notice one or more of the above-discussed transmission problems, take your car to the mechanic shop for repair service. The sooner the better.