Top 5 Panel Beating Tools

The number of automobiles on the road is tremendous, and accidents are becoming a daily occurrence. Therefore, panel beating demand is high since car owners want to restore the initial look of the damaged vehicle. You will need a panel beater to repair and restore your car to its previous condition. However, if you want to do it by yourself, here are the must-have vehicle panel beating tools that you require.

Cross-pein hammers

These hammers enable a concentrated hit with a direct impact. Cross-pein hammers have various applications, specifically dressing the door skins at critical positions like swage lines. They are also ideal for dent repairs.


Dollies act as the counter for the hammer. You could also use them for direct dressing. When you strike on the dolly, it will raise the metal through stretching, but when you strike it off, the metal will lift. There are various forms of dollies, and it is prudent to have a surfeit of them. Dollies are also available in multiple shapes to match a multitude of panel profiles.

Bumping file

The shrinking slapper or bumping file is crucial in the metal finishing process. Initially, the bumping file could function as a grip slapper. Bumping files have a knurled file face which counters the metal's natural tendency to stretch.

Panel beating repair kits

There are various panel beating kits in the market that you can buy. Tools with higher prices will feel better in your hand. If you want to conduct a panel beating repair on a single car, settle for the budget set. The kit usually holds items like a shrinking hammer, spoon, dollies or body files. They will make your work easier because all the tools are within your reach.

Body file

This file is a crucial element in the tool kit of a panel beater. Although it is not a piece of panel beating equipment, you can use it together with the bumping file during the process of metal finishing.


You can use a spoon for dolling, prying, slapping and drifting. Most spoons are chrome-plated and metal-casted and are useful tools in the panel beating process. The conventional spoon sports a hooked end. If you are using it for drifting, you should strike the spoon with a club hammer or mallet.


If you are panel beating an older car or would like to reduce the expenses after crushing, then you have to know these essential tools. People say you are as good as your tools. Therefore, ensure that you have all the necessary tools before work on the car.

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