Top Reasons Logbook Service Must be Performed at an Authorised Service Station

Owning a car is most people's life-long dream, and with it comes maintenance costs. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer provides a logbook with a service schedule that you must follow diligently. Notably, using the services of an authorised service centre is one of the main requirements of logbook service. This article highlights the reasons manufacturers insist that only an authorised auto shop conducts logbook service. 

Retain Vehicle's Warranty 

Every new car comes with a warranty whereby the manufacturer guarantees repairs or replacement if specific components malfunction. However, a warranty is only valid if you take your car to an authorised service centre. The reason is that your car's manufacturer trusts select stations to service the vehicle based on established specifications. Most motorists opt to work with any mechanic they trust or have visited before. However, doing it comprises the validity of a warranty. Notably, any service listed on a logbook must be performed at an authorised service station, regardless of complexity.

Better Access to Parts 

Some car parts, particularly for luxury vehicles, are difficult to come by, and an ordinary service station might have to place an order and wait. However, delivery might take several days, especially if an order is placed directly with a manufacturer. You do not have to worry about delays if you take your car to an authorised service centre for logbook servicing. Since the service stations work closely with car manufacturers, they have most parts in store. Thus, you do not have to wait any longer than is necessary. Even if an authorised auto shop does not have components in stock, the manufacturer expedites delivery.

Protect Manufacturer's Technologies 

Modern cars have computerised systems that improve the vehicle's performance, protect passengers and drivers and make servicing easier. Notably, car manufacturers have to protect the schematics and technology used to create specific parts and the computer system. Therefore, they must collaborate with select auto service stations they can trust to preserve the technologies. In this regard, qualified mechanics are included in logbook service to perform specific procedures on your car. If vehicle manufacturers allowed any mechanic to perform logbook service on their cars, their technologies would be at risk of being leaked to competitors. Besides, mechanics at an authorised service centre understand the computerised systems better than unauthorised mechanics. It means accurate, fast and top-quality logbook service.

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