If You’re Ready to Sell Your Car, How Can You Prove Good Ownership?

If you have owned a number of different cards during your life, you fully understand the value of a full-service history. However, some people who are relatively new to vehicle ownership may not realise the importance of a logbook service visit. Why should you pay attention to those manufacturer rules and never skip a recommended service if you fall into this category?

Educated Buyers

The used car market is buoyant across Australia, and many people choose to buy second-hand rather than brand-new. There's a lot of supply and demand, but many buyers are very shrewd and know what they're looking for. They will determine whether the vehicle is worth the asking price based on raw statistics and industry averages. They will also have a good look at the vehicle on the outside and inside before they turn to the logbook — to see how you have looked after your car.

Steep Discount Required

If you are unable to point to a full service history and show that you have taken the car along to each logbook service when requested, you could be in trouble. A buyer may still want to consider the vehicle, but they will almost certainly ask for a considerable discount. After all, if you haven't taken the time to schedule a logbook service, there is little chance you have carried out any other preventative maintenance. Logic dictates that the vehicle may need some work in the future, and as this could cost a prospective owner more than they bargained for, you may get hit in the wallet.

Digital Documentation

In years gone by, a service history would be contained within a physical document called a logbook. This was essentially an owner's manual and would sit in the vehicle's glove box. These days, however, it's all gone digital, and your service history will be contained in an online file, which you will be able to access given the right credentials. Mechanics can also access this file to update it when they have finished performing the logbook service.

Retained Value

Don't leave anything to chance if you want to get maximum value for your used car in the future. If you have a logbook service coming up, ensure that you do not leave it too late and book the vehicle in today. Also, make sure that the documentation is up-to-date as soon as the service work has been finished.

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