Why Your Vehicle Could Fail a Roadworthy Check Due to the Condition of Its Engine

When you drive a car or truck in any state or territory through Australia, you have a duty to ensure that it is in a roadworthy condition. You may understand your obligation and feel that you are adhering to the letter of the law, but you may still fail a roadside test nonetheless. Did you know that a check like this can extend to something other than the obvious "safety" components? Read More 

How Brake Discs Can Sometimes Deteriorate

As the modern-day car is quite powerful and may often be fitted with a turbocharger or other performance parts, vehicle manufacturers need to make sure it's equally capable of stopping safely in the hands of the average motorist. This is why braking systems have been developed over the years, and most vehicles are now fitted with disc braking systems all around. Yet while they are very efficient, they are also open to the elements, and this can sometimes cause a problem. Read More 

Possible Reasons Why Your Ute Might Need Suspension Work Done

You might have noticed signs that your ute might need suspension work done. For example, you might have noticed that your vehicle makes strange noises from underneath, or you might have found that your vehicle does not drive like it's supposed to or does not give you a nice, smooth ride. If you think that your vehicle needs suspension work — or if you have been told by an auto repair technician that your vehicle needs suspension work — then you should not ignore the situation. Read More 

Top Reasons Logbook Service Must be Performed at an Authorised Service Station

Owning a car is most people's life-long dream, and with it comes maintenance costs. When you buy a new car, the manufacturer provides a logbook with a service schedule that you must follow diligently. Notably, using the services of an authorised service centre is one of the main requirements of logbook service. This article highlights the reasons manufacturers insist that only an authorised auto shop conducts logbook service.  Retain Vehicle's Warranty  Read More 

When Should You Hire Auto Electrical Repair Experts? 3 Signs to Guide You

A car is a significant investment that you should always handle carefully. That means being cautious when driving and taking the car for regular maintenance. However, many vehicle owners are not keen on maintaining their auto. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find people driving cars with various issues, both knowingly and unknowingly. One vital car system that should always be in good condition is the electrical system. An auto electrical system is required for most of the car's operations such as opening the windows and starting the engine. Read More